2017-08-10 to 2017-10-29 : Polish Design Island

Our "Little Pieces of Art" - as you call them - "Yes! We are Ceramic Mugs" and "Perfect Plates" have been invited to take part in this years mobile exhibition, Polish Design Island, as one of the best Polish designs of 2017.

First stop Gdansk, then Brussels... and later other cities. They will be so thrilled to see you there!

2017-06-30 to 2017-07-09 : Storm (Gdynia Design Days 2017)

At this years Gdynia Design Days was the exhibition "Sztorm, którego nie widać" (The Storm you cannot see) organised by Ania Łukawska of The "Yes, I am a Ceramic Mug" was one of the chosen projects. (Apparently the idea of the exhibition came to Ania during one of our long talks ..) I'm excited :) I love to inspire! :)

The exhibition was successful and popular, Super! :) There are not many like this.

2017-02-10 : Usta Magazine, February 2017

Nothing better than a bowl which creates good food

The "Bowl not Bowl" by Agaf Design

2016-11-25 : Dom i Wnętrze (Home and Interiors Magazine), November 2016

Time for a break. I'm enjoying a coffee while my "Yes I am a Ceramic Mug" is admiring himself in a magazine!

2016-09-14 to 2018-01-31 : Etsy: Difference Makes Us, September 2016

As part of the Etsy Campaign "Difference Makes Us" popular German blogger Kate Glitter chose the "Yes, I am a Ceramic Mug" with real gold as the product she felt represented her individuality most.

She selected this as the one from all the products available on Etsy.

2016-08-28 : Polish Institute of Design - Good Design Awards 2016

The "Yes, I am a ceramic" mug by Agaf Design - shortlisted by the Polish Institute of Industrial Design for their Good Design 2016 award.

2016-06-08 : Usta Magazine, June 2016

The "Bowl Not Bowl", Perfect Plate and "I am a Ceramic" Mugs in Platinum and Gold by Agaf Design

2016-04-12 : Usta Magazine, April 2016

The "Crispy Plate" by Agaf Design.

2016-03-19 : Polish Culinary Paths 2016

The Agaf Design porcelain Crispy Plate featured in the new book 'Polish Culinary Paths' aimed at promoting Polish food in the Far East

2016-03-09 : Usta Magazine, March 2016

The Perfect Plate from Agaf Design in Usta Magazine with another great dish from Mickey Rotten.

2016-01-11 : Usta Magazine Front Cover, January 2016

The "I am a Ceramic" mug with real gold finish from Agaf Design on the front cover of Usta Magazine.

2015-12-16 : Tent London Showcase Video 2015

Really pleased that out of 450 designers and thousands of projects at Tent London (London Design Festival) Agaf Design was one of 15 to be included in their Showcase film of the highlights!

2015-12-08 : Pakamera Autumn-Winter Fashion Lookbook 2015

The new edition of the #pakamera Autumn-Winter Fashion Lookbook is out and who is in the very centre? .... the Agaf Design "I am a Ceramic" cup full of hot chocolate! Looks cozy.

2015-09-19 to 2015-09-27 : Tent (London Design Festival) 2015

Agaf Design products and designs on show at the London Design Festival

2015-01-05 : Domosfera - Best Polish Design 2015

The Agaf Design "Yes, I am a Ceramic Mug" wins Best Polish Design for 2015 as voted by the readers of Domosfera.

2014-08-01 : Label Magazine, August 2014

Named one of "50 Polish Designers you should know" for "talent, passion and courage of creation" by Label Magazine